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Clever PureBond Murphy Bed by Woodbrew

PureBond Murphy Bed

PureBOnd Murphy Bed

Click on image to view the Murphy Bed in operation.

So, PureBond might be a bit late to the game in discovering this awesome DIY couple at Woodbrew but better late than never, right?!?

Anyhow, their projects, some that use PureBond hardwood plywood in their construction, are a MUST to check out, for example, this fabulous Murphy Bed to the right (or click here), used Red Oak PureBond hardwood plywood and finished with cut shallow groves to create a ship lap effect!

PureBond Balancing Wine Holder

PureBondRemember the Haven Conference that PureBond attended and helped sponsor back in August? Well this awesome little DIY project, a balancing wine holder, crafted with our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood, was done by attendee and fellow DIYer, April, of the uncookiecutter.com blog!

PureBondWe think the project turned out to perfection and we’re really stoked that April is now a plywood convert…she was one of many that only knew about one kind of plywood, like that which is used for framing houses for example (not so pretty :) ) and didn’t realize that fine hardwood plywood, like PureBond, is a different creature all together :)

For complete project How-to and to check out April’s blog, click here.

PureBond Walnut Plywood and Steel Desk

PureBond hardwood plywoodThis fabulous DIY PureBond project by Crafted Workshop illustrates the process in creating this modern Walnut and Steel desk. …isn’t it great? We’d use this desk in our home in a blink of an eye!!

The project  overall while seeming simple used a lot of craftsmanship including work with dados and rabbets, edge banding, and finishing with HVLP which you can learn about in detail with the competed how-to including videos that was completed in two phases.

For Phase 1 project information, click here and for Phase 2 here!

Below is the how-to video for your viewing convenience!

Random PureBond Projects from the Web

PureBondIt’s been a bit quiet around the web  project-wise this week for PureBond…we’re assuming all our DIYer buds were getting ready to attend the Haven Conference this weekend in Atlanta, GA with the rest of the PureBond crew but regardless it left us time to troll around some for PureBond projects that we might have missed that are floating around there in cyberspace and boy did we locate some gems! Check PureBondout the little dresser the right here or the made0ver china cabinet to the left who both utilized PureBond hardwood plywood somewhere in the project!

Click here to see more of what we found today on our web snooping for PureBond projects!

PureBond Floating Shelves by Shanty-2-Chic

The newest from your (and PureBond’s as well) favorite DIY sisters, the dynamic Shanty sisters of Shanty-2-Chic show-off their newest project, Floating Shelves, in style via a tell all video that details the project from start to finish! The video is a must-see so check it out below and learn how to craft your very own floating shelves!

As usual the Shanty’s purchased their formaldehyde-free PureBond panels at their local Home Depot and you can too, click here!

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