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Restaurant Impossible Wall Art Panels by Diva of DIY

PureBondThese interesting and very textural wall art panels were made from PureBond hardwood plywood for an episode of Restaurant Impossible that featured the design talents of  the one an only, Leanne Lee a.k.a The Diva of DIY.

PureBondPer Leanne there is a complete how-to coming soon but we do know that the wall art panels were built using PureBond Plywood that was purchased at her local Home Depot. Leanne says, “The magic of these art pieces take shape when we layer plasters, metal effects, rust and patina and other mixed media (tutorial coming soon!).” So keep your eyes peeled for a Part II on this project!


Part II of the PureBond Murphy Bed By Addicted 2 DIY

PureBondCheck out Part II of the awesome PureBond Murphy Bed project from Katie of the DIY blog, Addicted 2 DIY. If you saw our post last week about the quite fabulous Murphy Bed by Katie, you’ll remember that not only was this bed part of complete room re-do to make a cross functional space that can be used as a guest room or an office but included desk modifications to the overall bed project that made the project look like one cohesive unit!

PureBondIn this case, the desk is also made from our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood purchased by Katie at her local Home Depot…why not buy the best and most convenient products, right? And as with the bed, compete project How-to with free plans can be found on Katie blog, click here for details!

DIY PureBond Farmhouse Vanity by Shanty-2-Chic

PureBondForget about just the farmhouse vanity…..yeah, it’s made out of our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood (who doesn’t love hardwood plywood that is the healthy choice AND made in North America) and is completely fabulous all on its own but we are really CRUSHING about this entire bathroom makeover that was done as a boy’s bath re-do!!! There isn’t anything about this bathroom that we would change, from the subway tile to the mirror, we think it’s the perfectly stylish, yet just a bit manly…..pure LOVE :)

As always the Shanty sisters purchased their PureBond panels at their local Home Depot and have supplied FREE plans and complete project in their blog post that you can find by clicking here!

DIY PureBond Vent Hood

PureBond hardwood plywoodThe lovely sister team of Shanty 2 Chic has created a DIY project made with our PureBond hardwood plywood panels that we haven’t seen before…a wooden vent hood!!!! We think that hood really completes this new kitchen and in fact becomes the centerpiece of this room in our humble opinion :)

The sisters, again used our formaldehyde-free (who wouldn’t want formaldehyde-free products used in their kitchen or elsewhere for that matter) PureBond in much of the construction which they conveniently purchased at their local Home Depot.

PureBond hardwood plywoodThere are also compete How-to instructions that detail exactly how any DIYer can re-create this fabulous project on their own, click here for all that!


PureBond Hashtag Finds From Instagram

Not long ago while in posting and cruising through Instagram PureBond hardwood plywood noticed there there were a number of very cool projects that we had never seen when using the hashtag #purebond….a lot of projects actually! So, a couple of weeks later and a weekend being snowed in with ‘The Blizzard of 2016 ‘yielded some PureBond projects gems from the likes of; Project Goble, Boxy Colonial, Shades of Blue Interiors, The Sawdust Maker and more!!! Check out a few of our finds below!

PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood PureBond hardwood plywood

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