PureBond at Haven Conference 2016

Haven ConferenceYes, it’s that time of year again…the 2016 Haven Conference is right around the corner and PureBond will be there again as a conference sponsor and partnering with some vendors to help make your conference sessions even more super special this year!

This years’ Haven Conference will be held August 5-7, 2016 at the wonderful (and very convenient to some fabulous shopping) Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. This particular conference will be featuring many familiar DIY blogger names and faces in the roles of speakers and mentors, such as Jen Woodhouse, Brittany Bailey and Brad Rodriguez, just to name a few!

PureBond is looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones at this years’ conference! Stayed tuned for more posts and details about the conference!

Scrap Hardwood Plywood Candle Holders

PureBondOk, we are not 100% certain that our PureBond hardwood plywood is used in this project brought to you by Jen Woodhouse of the The House of Wood DIY blog but she does, more often than not (maybe even 100% of the time), use our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood in her projects! So, PureBondeven if these unique candle holders made from scrap plywood aren’t made from PureBond we are claiming them because not only do they make use what is usually thrown away scrap but are quite fabulous to boot…we LOVE that Jen is using her materials right down to the last cut :)

For details and complete project how-to, click here!

Restaurant Impossible Wall Art Panels by Diva of DIY

PureBondThese interesting and very textural wall art panels were made from PureBond hardwood plywood for an episode of Restaurant Impossible that featured the design talents of  the one an only, Leanne Lee a.k.a The Diva of DIY.

PureBondPer Leanne there is a complete how-to coming soon but we do know that the wall art panels were built using PureBond Plywood that was purchased at her local Home Depot. Leanne says, “The magic of these art pieces take shape when we layer plasters, metal effects, rust and patina and other mixed media (tutorial coming soon!).” So keep your eyes peeled for a Part II on this project!


Part II of the PureBond Murphy Bed By Addicted 2 DIY

PureBondCheck out Part II of the awesome PureBond Murphy Bed project from Katie of the DIY blog, Addicted 2 DIY. If you saw our post last week about the quite fabulous Murphy Bed by Katie, you’ll remember that not only was this bed part of complete room re-do to make a cross functional space that can be used as a guest room or an office but included desk modifications to the overall bed project that made the project look like one cohesive unit!

PureBondIn this case, the desk is also made from our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood purchased by Katie at her local Home Depot…why not buy the best and most convenient products, right? And as with the bed, compete project How-to with free plans can be found on Katie blog, click here for details!

Murphy Bed by Addicted 2 DIY

PureBondIt’s our first ever DIY PureBond Murphy Bed and we are a bit in LOVE with it thanks to the fabulous work done by Katie of the Addicted to DIY blog!

In fact, this isn’t just a plain-old Murphy Bed but also part of a complete room re-do where Katie sought to make a more useful office /second bedroom space…seriously A LOT of time and effort has gone into this entire project from painting to ripping up carpet to building from scratch this Murphy Bed and bookcase and desk, yes, that’s right she also built the bookcase/desk combo that you see as part of the entire bed project!

PureBondKatie like all of the members of our PureBond Idea Team purchased her formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood at her local Home Depot and has provided compete project how-to that you can follow in detail by clicking here!

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