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PureBond Balancing Wine Holder

PureBondRemember the Haven Conference that PureBond attended and helped sponsor back in August? Well this awesome little DIY project, a balancing wine holder, crafted with our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood, was done by attendee and fellow DIYer, April, of the blog!

PureBondWe think the project turned out to perfection and we’re really stoked that April is now a plywood convert…she was one of many that only knew about one kind of plywood, like that which is used for framing houses for example (not so pretty :) ) and didn’t realize that fine hardwood plywood, like PureBond, is a different creature all together :)

For complete project How-to and to check out April’s blog, click here.

PureBond Floating Shelves by Shanty-2-Chic

The newest from your (and PureBond’s as well) favorite DIY sisters, the dynamic Shanty sisters of Shanty-2-Chic show-off their newest project, Floating Shelves, in style via a tell all video that details the project from start to finish! The video is a must-see so check it out below and learn how to craft your very own floating shelves!

As usual the Shanty’s purchased their formaldehyde-free PureBond panels at their local Home Depot and you can too, click here!

Pottery Barn Inspired Bedside Table

PureBondThis perfect little bedside table was created between a partnership with two awesome DIYers and bloggers; Jamison of Rogue Engineer and Anika of Little Free Monkeys. The pairing was perfect, Anika wanted a table like one she has seen at Pottery Barn but didn’t want to pay the cost (who would, right?) so she asked Jamison to reverse engineer the table and create the plans for it, which he is excellent at (the title of his blog Rogue Engineer gives that fact way :) ). Anika did the actual build herself and we must say the results are fabulous…hopefully Anika will keep using our PureBond hardwood plywood in her builds so we can see more of her work!

PurebondFor detailed project plans head over to Rogue Engineer, click here and for more photos and information on the actual build, check out Little Free Monkeys, click here!

DYI Industrial Bookcase

DIY-Industrial-Bookcase-Plans-Rogue-Engineer-3-1Score another DIY Win for Jamison of Rogue Engineer DIY blog with this fabulous, on-trend, industrial-style bookcase which uses our Birch PureBond hardwood plywood (purchased at his local Home Depot of course) in the construction!

As always Jamison has gone to great detail about the build from step-by-step how-to photos and shopping lists to a downloadable and printable PDF for complete project instructions!

PureBondFor the complete story and low-down on this project, hop on over to Jamison’s blog, click here!

Restaurant Impossible Wall Art Panels by Diva of DIY

PureBondThese interesting and very textural wall art panels were made from PureBond hardwood plywood for an episode of Restaurant Impossible that featured the design talents of  the one an only, Leanne Lee a.k.a The Diva of DIY.

PureBondPer Leanne there is a complete how-to coming soon but we do know that the wall art panels were built using PureBond Plywood that was purchased at her local Home Depot. Leanne says, “The magic of these art pieces take shape when we layer plasters, metal effects, rust and patina and other mixed media (tutorial coming soon!).” So keep your eyes peeled for a Part II on this project!


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