Simply PureBond Cabinet

PureBond, hardwood plywoodOk, apparently PureBond has been snoozing on the job because we have missed some quite fabulous projects by Jay of Jay’s Custom Creations here recently, so it’s going to take us a few posts to get all caught up :)

First on our list is a project featuring the construction of a simple cabinet made out of our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood for Jay’s front porch! This classic piece is highlighted by a beautiful piece of Sapele hardwood plywood which Jay lightly stained and used as a top for the cabinet…bellesimo!!!

If you’re looking to create a project like this yourself, you can purchase PureBond at your local Home Depot and follow the complete How-to that Jay provides here!

Mudroom Locker With Bench by Rogue Engineer

PureBond, hardwood plywoodOk, we’re going to say it, this fabulous DIY Mudroom Locker by Jamison of the Rogue Engineer blog, is WAY, WAY too nice for the garage but we definitely understand about space issues and putting the locker out in the garage made sense :)

As always Jamison’s attention to detail from not only the workmanship on the finished piece but also in his excellent How-to instructions and plans really shines through! In fact, his plans are so great that we think that even a novice DIYer would be able to make of his creations themselves!

PureBond, hardwood plywoodJamison has used our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood panels that he purchased at this local Home Depot in this build and we’re very glad he did as we hope to see more from him in the future!

For the complete low down on this project click here!

PureBond Hashtag Finds From Instagram

Not long ago while in posting and cruising through Instagram PureBond hardwood plywood noticed there there were a number of very cool projects that we had never seen when using the hashtag #purebond….a lot of projects actually! So, a couple of weeks later and a weekend being snowed in with ‘The Blizzard of 2016 ‘yielded some PureBond projects gems from the likes of; Project Goble, Boxy Colonial, Shades of Blue Interiors, The Sawdust Maker and more!!! Check out a few of our finds below!

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DIY PureBond Locker Cabinet

PureBond hardwood plywoodStraight off the pilot episode of HGTV’s Open Concept featuring DIYers and Blogger Team extraordinaire, the Shanty 2 Chic sisters, the quite fabulous DIY PureBond Locker Cabinet! We LOVE this versatile cabinet from the simple lines to the lovely grey finish and of course, who doesn’t love the fact that the sisters used our formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood panels purchased at their local Home Depot (in-stores and online)in the build :)

PureBond hardwood plywoodThe sisters, as always, have provided complete How-to instructions, from picking out items for the build to complete instructions and FREE plans! For the complete low-down, click here!

PureBond Cabin Bed

PureBondSeriously, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  Jen Woodhouse, the face and mind behind The House of Wood DIY blog but we LOVE and ADORE this epic, awesome, cabin bed that she has crafted for her son Liam! I mean check it out to the right, isn’t it totally fabulous…hole pocket joinery and formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood throughout the bed? What a lucky little boy!

PureBondFor this project Jen used plans courtesy of Ana White and PureBond panels that she picked up at her local Home Depot store (in stores and online) all of which she details in step by step How-to instructions complete with a comprehensive video (see it below)….the total package :) Click here to see it all for yourself!


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